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School Menu

Autumn Menu 2017

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Week 1

Meat or Fish

Lamb curry served with basmati rice and naan bread

Savoury minced beef cobbler

Roast turkey served with roast potatoes

Beef burger in a bun

Fish finger or salmon terriaki served with chipped potatoes


Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake

Vegetable patties served with jacket wedges

Vegetable lasagne served with garlic bread 

Leek, lentil and potato bake

Vegetable welington and chipped potatoes


Choice of seasonal vegetables served daily

Dessert of the Day

Frozen Fruit yoghurt

Marble cake and custard

Fresh fruit salad

Apple crumble and ice cream

Chocolate crispie cake

Week 2

Meat or Fish

Sausage and mashed Potato  Lamb Kofta served with pitta and salad Jerk chicken Served with rice and peas Beef lasagne served with garlic bread Salmon fish cakes or herby haddock served with jacket wedges


Quorn and black bean stirfry with noodles and prawn crackers Macaroni cheese Sweet potato and lentil curry served with rice Spicy cheese tortilla wraps with mixed vegetables  Brazilian vegetable curry with spicy tomato and coconut sauce served with rice


Choice of seasonal vegetables served daily

Dessert of the Day

Banana Crumble with custard Carrot Cake with frosting  Clementine jelly and cream  Honey cake and custard Fresh fruit salad 

Week 3

Meat or Fish

Wholemeal spaghetti bolognaise

Chicken and sweetcorn pasta bake

Roast chicken served with roast potatoes

Braised lamb with apricots and cous cous

Battered fish served with chipped potatoes or tuna and sweetcorn tortilla


Vegetable crumble and savoury wedges

Cheese, tomato and red onion quiche served with new potatoes

Pasta neapolitan

Wholemeal cheese and tomato pizza

Spiced quorn with tomato sauce and noodles


Choice of seasonal vegetables served daily

Dessert of the Day

Peaches and custard 

Shortbread biscuits and milk

Tropical fresh fruit salad

Chocolate sponge and chocolate sauce

Fruity flapjack

Gravy served when appropriate   
Daily Options: Filled Jacket Potatoes with a selection of fillings, freshly prepared salads, fresh crusty bread and chilled water.
Daily alternative dessert options are:  Selection of seasonal fruits and fruit yoghurts