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  • 13/11/20

    Digital Leaders Blog 1 - November 2020

    Here are what some of our new digital leaders have been learning about in class so far this year. 
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  • 16/07/18

    Summer 2018

    As World Cup fever has gripped the nation, so too have our children at John Keble! Some children have been blogging about their favourite matches, players and teams. Keep reading to find out more… Posted by Muhez on 12/07/2018 Player Name: Harry Kane Represents: England...
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  • 23/02/18

    Spring 2018

    On the opening day of the school, we were visited by ALIENS!  There were a lot of broken objects at the scene: broken, smashed laptops; broken, branches; and ‘CAUTION DO NOT CROSS’ signs all around the crime scene. Weirdly, Year 1 had even lost their roof! Posted by the Digital L...
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  • 19/10/17

    Autumn 2017

    Welcome back to a new academic year! Let us see what has been happening in school this term.
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  • 27/04/17

    Summer Term 2017

    Posted on 24/05/2017 by Rashane On the coach we had tea and coffee and a toilet. My dad and gran came on the coach with us and were both amazed. When I first stepped onto the pitch, it felt unbelieveable, I was standing on a proffesional football pitch! In the semi-finals, we were losing...
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  • 21/02/17

    Spring Term 2017 is here!

    Posted on 29/03/2017 by Esther At church today, we sang some fun songs for Easter. I like singing the songs but I don't know all the words. I really liked the jumping and dancing in the songs.   Posted on 29/03/2017 by Jadae Father Andrew told us about God and about going t...
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  • 08/11/16

    School in Autumn 2016

    It's getting very cold so wrap up warm!
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  • 03/11/16

    Welcome to our school's blog

      Children with exciting news and thoughts can share with everyone, everywhere.
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