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08.11.16 Face Front Inclusive Theatre Drama Workshop 

Kevin, Tjay, Sumaya, Dacian and Shante and Mithuna  

Today in our class (Year 6), we have learned that if someone you know was getting abused, to go to an adult or someone you trust. This made year 6 feel safe and we especially liked when they told the teacher and Uncle Ali  because they are safe people and  I also know what to do when something bad happens.

We have made this poster.





 If you are experiencing violence in the home need help support, information and advice

  For adults please contact

National Domestic Violence Helpline: 08082000247


04.11.16 Christopher and  Elluyani   Year 5  

At JK (John Keble) the teachers try their hardest to make the children to enjoy lessons😄. In my opinion JK is a great school because lots of people look after you and make you feel safe.The students like JK  because we have a great football team and win lots of awesome trophies 🏆. What I like about JK is that it has an epic play ground and are able to be free. Many peple like John Keble because it is very creative and everybody works together as a team.    

03.11.16 Google Expeditions Pioneer Programme come to John Keble

Andy, Year 6 Birch - 'I really enjoyed the workshop because it showed us how people ate during WWII.'

Pavan, Year 6 Birch, 'I really enjoyed it because it was fun - it was the first time I have experienced virtual reality.'

Weronika, Year 6 Birch - 'I really enjoyed it because I learnt where different animals live and how they are adapted to survive.'

Antonio, Year 6- 'I really enjoyed it because I learned more about how technology works.'

IO, Year 4 Holly – ‘I liked the way that we went down the digestive system and that when we went to space we could see what Earth really looked like.’

Yu, Year 4 Holly – ‘I think the Virtual Reality is cool and fun because it is like real life, like you are really there.’

Jemimah, Year 4 Sycamore – ‘It felt like I was going through a real body. The virtual reality headset helped me to see what the human body really looks like and how it works.’

Reynard, Year 4 Sycamore – ‘The Virtual Reality was really fun because it actually looked like we were going to get digested. Some bits were kind of gross but it was really fun.’

Austin, Year 5 Pine – ‘It was exciting and it was a chance to explore other places that we wouldn’t usually get to do.’

Siem, Year 5 Elm – ‘It was amazing. I thought I was flying!’

Tayshaun, Year 5 Pine – ‘it was quite scary because in the jungle the gorilla jumped in my face!’

Fares, Year 5 Elm – ‘It was almost like I was flying when I first put on the Virtual Reality Headset. I was shocked.’