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Google Expeditions


Children at the school experience virtual reality for the day.

The school was visited by a member of the Google Expeditions team and were given the opportunity to go on their very own expedition across the planet and explore space. it was an exciting and fun day for all. 

This is what some of the children had to say...

Pavan, Year 6 Birch - 'I really enjoyed it because it was fun - it was the first time I have experienced virtual reality.'

IO, Year 4 Holly – ‘I liked the way that we went down the digestive system and that when we went to space we could see what Earth really looked like.’

Jemimah, Year 4 Sycamore – ‘It felt like I was going through a real body. The virtual reality headset helped me to see what the human body really looks like and how it works.’

Reynard, Year 4 Sycamore – ‘The Virtual Reality was really fun because it actually looked like we were going to get digested. Some bits were kind of gross but it was really fun.’

Siem, Year 5 Elm – ‘It was amazing. I thought I was flying!’

The VR headsets are available to buy in the shops or online and the Google Expeditions app is free to download from any of the app stores for your mobile or tablet devices.