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Digital Leaders


Our digital leaders have been chosen to drive ICT and assist in all technological matters from helping the younger children use laptops to testing new technology and software to use in school.

Our digital leaders are Chanel, Ivannah, Kristen, Leo, Pia and Jamarie.

How did we become Digital Leaders?

We were shown a poster on how to become digital leaders. We filled out our application forms and submitted it to Ms Loch. We were then interviewed by Ms Loch, Mrs Gray and Mr Suhan. As a part of our induction, we had to review a programme called Mathletics to see if we should have it in our school. 

- Pia and Chanel

What are our responsibilities?

It is our responsibility to allocate iPads and laptops to the different classrooms for the different lessons. We are expected to help the younger children with their ICT learning and also the teachers with their lessons. We will also be organising an assembly to tell everyone about online safety in school and at home.

- Kristen and Ivannah

What else?

A part of being a digital leader is staying up to date with the latest technology. We will be looking at new software and tech that we can have at the school to help with ICT learning.

You can stay up to date with what we find out and with what is going on in school by going to our blogs page.

- Leo