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Digital Leaders



Our digital leaders have been chosen to drive ICT and assist in all technological matters from helping the younger children use laptops to testing new technology and software to use in school.

Our digital leaders are Anisa, Candice, Jarvis, Juelda, Michelle and Teeyah.

How did we become Digital Leaders?

First we filled out an application form and then we were interviewed by the previous year's digital leaders. We were asked questions such as which apps we like using and if we are willing to sacrifice our some of our break times to assist with ICT duties. We had to wait a whole week before a decision was made on who would become the digital leaders for 2018-2019. We were presented with our digital leader badges in the school assembly.

- Candice and Juelda

What are our responsibilities?

We have to behave as leaders of the school and help the smaller children with learning ICT. We also will be interviewing and promoting new digital leaders at the end of the year which we are really looking forward to.

We have to put the ipads/laptops back quickly and in the right order.

We will also be working closely with the Digital Safety Committee in order to promote digital safety.

We have also had a session to identify our strengths and weaknesses in ICT and will be working to improve our skills and knowledge.

It is our responsibility to be mature and be looked upon as role models by the rest of the school.

- Jarvis

What else?

We hope we can help everyone understand technology better and how it all works.

We also hope to mentor and teach the younger children on how to use Scratch as well as other programs. Furthermore, we would like to learn more about ICT and share that knowledge.

- Michelle and Anisa