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Helping your child stay happy and how to talk about coronavirus

There are lots of lovely things being produced to help your child's well-being during this time which may well be very worrying or scary for them. We have linked to lots of these below.

The e-books and stories might be particularly helpful - you can read them together and talk to your child about any questions they have.

Do give school a call if you would like any particular support with this, or if you are worried about your child or your own mental well-being. 

Calm Zone for children

How to cope when you can't go to school

*NEW 22.4.20* Planning your day checklist

*NEW 22.4.20* Video about daily routine

*NEW 25.3.20* Happy News!

*NEW 1.4.20* Government guidance on looking after children's mental health during Coronavirus outbreak

*NEW 1.4.20* Talking to children about illness, death and grieving

*NEW 9.4.20* Lovely free book about coronavirus for children

*NEW 16.4.20* Another lovely e-book - The Stay Home Superheroes

*NEW 16.4.20* Story - Someone I know has coronavirus

*NEW 16.4.20* Story - Social contact

*NEW 16.4.20* Printable resources

How to talk to your child about coronavirus

What to do if you're worried about coronavirus

Animation about coronavirus

Comic explaining coronavirus for children in KS2