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Junior Leadership Team

Building Future Leaders

Being a leader takes courage and at John Keble School, we now have a Junior Leadership Team who help to run the school alongside the Senior Leadership Team and staff.

Theo, a member of this team, has written the following:

“The JLT (Junior Leadership Team) is an exciting scheme that the teachers have set up to try and help us students make changes in the school and a replacement of School Council.

At the moment there are five jobs: Digital Leaders, Health Leaders and Subject Leaders, Peer Mediators and Worship Leaders.

Earlier this half-term the subject leaders met the governors in charge of their subject. As a CLL (Communication, Language and Literacy) Leader, I met Jennie and Chris, and we spoke about what we would like to do to improve Reading and Writing at John Keble this year. Running at the moment is our Poetry Poster competition getting posters to decorate our poetry corner. Over the year we are hoping to take part in many more things going on in school.”