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My name is Mrs Goddard and I love working at John Keble School, not least of all because I was a pupil here myself some years ago now.

Music and singing has been a part of my life since the day I was born and I am really looking forward to sharing that passion for music with you all.

Year group, whole class music lessons:

Each year group, from nursery through to year six has a dedicated music lesson each week of the year.

Woven into that learning, where appropriate, links are made with each year group’s main topic or theme for the half-term. During the year KS1 will learn to play chime bars, years 3 and 4 will learn whole class recorder and years 5 and 6 will learn the Ukulele.

Children in Year 4, 5 and 6 learn the steel pan drums with Mr Clarke, our specialist teacher.

Songs of praise:

Each week the children have a dedicated singing assembly where they learn a variety of songs – some specifically as part of our worship life at John Keble, and others that link with our broader curriculum learning. As Mrs Goddard says, you need a song for every occasion in life!


We believe that singing is every child’s birthright and provides a significant path to learning and development. As well as everyday singing, children in KS2 are offered the opportunity to attend a choir club every Monday.

Choir member expectations

Belonging to the choir is seen as a privilege and an opportunity to represent the school. Commitment to the choir is crucial in order to improve ability and overall performance. So children are expected to attend all year. More than three unexplained absences will result in being asked to leave the choir.

High levels of excellent behaviour are expected from choir members at all times, including during the rest of their school day. So should a child need to be challenged more than three times concerning behaviour they would be asked to leave the choir.

Choir performances

There will be regular opportunities to perform as a choir within the school as well as in the local community, as part of competitions and borough wide singing events.

Planned events will include a local trip to a senior citizens group, which meets in St Mark’s church hall, taking part in Prom Praise for children, Choir Of The Year and Brent Makes Music.

(full details will be available to browse nearer the time of the named events.)

Lunchtime music clubs

We are starting up a Practise Club, where children who are having private music lessons are able to come and practise one day each week, to supplement their practise at home. While we will have some instruments here, in general woodwind and string instruments would need to be brought from home.

Small group instrument learning

The school works with Brent Music Service and offers small group instrument learning. Please speak to the office or Mrs Goddard to find out more.

Opportunities with Brent Music Service

Brent Music Service offers exciting opportunities for children to be a part of. They have choirs, instrument ensembles, and a youth orchestra. If your child is learning an instrument and has successfully completed grade one they maybe eligible to join an ensemble or be a part of the orchestra. Click on the link to find out more details.

Advent Songs

We All Stand Together

We All Stand Together (Harmony)

Do You See

Do You See (Harmony and Echo)

Great Is He

He Walked Where I Walked

This Is Our Advent Song

It Was a Starry Night


Bridge Over Troubled Water