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Did you know you can do virtual tours of lots of museums? Click on the button to see our Museum Activities and Resources page. 

Check out these amazing websites for other activities to keep you engaged during remote learning. 

Printable home learning packs can be downloaded via the links at the bottom of this page. 

If you're looking for help and guidance with how to home school, click on the button.

Click on the button to find useful links to help support a child with SEND.

Click to find advice on how to keep your children safe whilst learning online.

Other ideas include: 

Over 1300 activity ideas from the Scouts

Planning your day

Try to have a little of everything each day –

  1. Some time doing jobs in the house together, washing, cooking, tidying.
  2. A walk outside or in the park if possible.
  3. Some time playing with building blocks, dolls, cars, drawing or making something (there are lots of ideas if you follow PlayHooray on Instagram or Facebook).
  4. Share a book every day.
  5. A short amount of supervised screen time (TV, ipad or phone).