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Remember to do a little reading every day.

There are lots of videos of people reading stories on Youtube, for example you might like Michael Rosen or Julia Donaldson stories. There are more here

There are free e-books at Oxford Owl. You can log in as jkeyfs and the password is JKEYFS.  Use the pictures as a prompt, and discuss what they show.

Singing and nursery rhymes are really important - if you know songs in another language, sing those together!

Phase 2 Phonics Songs


There's lots of games you can play that involve numbers: snakes and ladders, board games, dominoes. Count objects. Count up to 10. Notice numbers everywhere and use them in conversations with your child.

CBeebies Numberblocks


Try to spend some time each day moving around, even if stuck inside!


Go Noodle

Live daily do-at-home PE lessons with Joe Wicks

Planning your day

Try to have a little of everything each day –

  1. Some time doing jobs in the house together, washing, cooking, tidying
  2. A walk outside or in the park if possible
  3. Some time playing with building blocks, dolls, cars, drawing or making something (there are lots of ideas if you follow PlayHooray on Instagram or Facebook)
  4. Share a book every day
  5. A short amount of supervised screen time (TV, ipad or phone)

J2E Years N-2- We wil send home log-ins

Look at the attachment below called "Years N&R home learning" and, if you finish ALL that, there are more resources below too and also on the "Learning websites" tab