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Welcome to Nursery Beech.


The Nursery team is  Ms Wright, Ms Ferreira, Ms Spasova, Mrs Barnard and Ms El-Habti.


In Nursery, the children are continuing to develop their social skills through small group work, circle time and playing together.  They are working on their fine motor skills by threading beads and necklaces, playing with peg boards and using tools like tweezers and pipettes.

We are also continuing with the popular Dough Disco every Thursday! The children are enjoying making marks in a variety of ways which, this half-term, include using sticks in soil, painting bread and writing messages in bottles. The children love investigating texture in our malleable area. Amongst other things, they have been mashing, crushing, pouring and moulding peas, jelly, dough and gloop and painting with spaghetti brushes and dinosaurs. We have also started linked provision this half term, which focuses on improving the children’s speaking and listening skills.