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Here are some great P.E. ideas for you to try: 

Alternatively, you could try the following: 

1 Mirroring

To play the game, each child needs a partner. Choose one partner to start doing various motions. They can kick, move their harms, spin around, or do any other motions. The child’s partner will try to mirror their motions. You can set a time limit and when the time is up, the partners can trade places and the child who was doing the mirroring can start doing the motions. This fun activity is a great cardio warm up. 

2 Dance Party

Of all the fun games for warming up before PE class, Dance Party is the most fun. All you will need is your phone with downloaded songs and a set of WiFi speakers. You should encourage them to get as crazy as possible. Not only will this stretch their muscles, it will also get their hearts pumping!

3 Spot Run, Spot Jog and Spot Walk.

Get the children to walk, run or jog on the spot for 20 seconds each, give silly code words like apples, bananas, porridge to represent each command.

Use alternative words to represent the commands and turn this activity in to a game: e.g. bananas = run, apples = jog and pears = walk.