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Personal Health Social Education

What is the intent of our Personal, Health and Social Education?

At John Keble school, we aim to provide all pupils with a stimulating and relevant personal, health and social education which provides pupils the opportunity to express both their opinions and questions and listen to other pupils' too on subjects that encompass their own lives, the communities they are a part of, and their responsibilities as they grow. 

Each focus area is done in the context of our own school vision and values to ensure our children are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to ensure they are happy, global citizens ready to take their place in modern Britain - in both the physical and online world. 

For information relating to our Relationship and Sex Education policy, please click here 

How do we implement the PHSE curriculum at John Keble school?

We link our PHSE learning to our school values (highlighted in yellow). As you can see from the table below, the children study a different focus from the PSHE curriculum each term and every term revisit important learning messages from our Digital Safety curriculum also. In the outlines tabled below, statements in red indicate where our curriculum matches the requirements of the National Curriculum. Statements in black indicate additional learning undertake with our children. Statements in blue are British Values. 

Learning occurs through shared discussion as well as creative learning tasks in the classroom. 

For a more in depth look at our P.S.H.E curriculum, download the link:

What is the impact of our PHSE curriculum? 

When our children leave John Keble school, they will leave with an understanding of the importance of our school values. They will treat others with compassion because they understand that everybody has worth. They will hold the value of trust dear, expecting it of others and acting in such a way that others can trust them. They will value the wisdom that others can bring to their decision making and work to ensure that we live our lives in the spirit of koinonia, understanding that we are inter-connnected as a community, both on the local level as well as the national and international. 

The children at John Keble will uphold our British values, undertaking their responsibilities to ensure that freedom of speech, democracy and the country's ever-evolving diversity are celebrated and flourish.

The children will be competent navigators of the real and the virtual world. They will know how to keep themselves safe in both and harness the technology (both current and yet to be invented) to make their chosen futures a happy and successful one.