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Religious Education

John Keble is a Church of England Primary School where we aim is to develop confident, religiously literate children.

We follow the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS) scheme of work.

RE teaching and learning is divided into two strands –

1: learning about religion

2: learning from religion 

Two-thirds of the RE curriculum is focused on Christianity and one third on other religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam. Please see our RE Curriculum map attached. 

We explore each unit through 'big questions'. Our children develop skills to appreciate and appraise different perspectives. We focus on 5 key skills: enquiry, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and reflection. 

What our teachers and pupils say about RE

'I love RE because we learn about different religions which helps me make my own opinions and give me new ideas,' Hadjer, 4 Sycamore

'My RE learning makes me want to follow in God's steps because I learn from His wisdom,' Hilder, 5 Pine

'I like learning about God's creation and that he made me, it makes me know that I am precious,' Nathan, 3 Poplar

'I like RE because I learn lots of new things. At the moment, I have learnt about different symbols and different ways the Christian message has spread over 2,000 years. I find it very interesting how attitudes have changed overtime and have changed history,' Youssef, 6 Birch

'I enjoy teaching RE because it gives opportunities to focus on moral messages which influence the way we all behave at school. Our values, whatever our religious background, help inform our choices and bring us together,' Mrs Paillard, 3 Lime Class Teacher

'I like the way RE encourages children's curiosity as they are exposed to different perspectives and explore big questions they might not have thought about before. Their excitement is visible in RE lessons,' Ms Franklin, Teaching Assistant supporting children with SEND in Years 4 & 5

'I like the variety of creative ways we engage the children when exploring the 'big questions',' Mrs Beeching, 2 Ash Class Teacher.

Below are some examples of the big questions we have explored in class in the Autumn term.



Below are some of our Class Reflection Areas which children explore through class worship.