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Religious Education

John Keble is a Church of England Primary School where we aim is to develop confident, religiously literate children. Our religious education offers a balance of teaching key content and concepts as well as giving the opportunity for children to reflect and develop their personal views on what they have learnt from religion and how that may impact their actions. RE teaching champions questioning and expression of views to encourage children to develop their skills to appreciate and appraise different perspectives. 

We follow the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS) scheme of work exploring each unit through 'big questions'. Two-thirds of the RE curriculum is focused on Christianity and one third on other religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam. 

Highlights from our RE Autumn 2021


Nursery class have been making a banner for the Refugee Support Network to welcome Afghani refugees. We read the story of the Good Samaritan from the Bible and talked about being kind to strangers. We thought about Jesus’s message to ‘love your neighbours’.

Reception Box

We have been learning about who made the wonderful world. We learnt about the Christian creation story and acted the story out, making up actions for each day of the story. The children then discussed their favourite thing about God’s creation, and we went on a nature walk in the playground, looking at aspects of the natural world. We then linked this to the different days of the creation story.

1 Oak

Here are pictures from Class Worship in 1 Oak where we looked at Christian Values. We thought about them and their meaning and made an action to remember them.

Pre-secondary - 6 Willow

The children in Pre-Secondary have been exploring the journey of life and death -learning about religious rites of passage and sacraments as well as reflecting on their own journey as well as other perspectives of human and social sciences.

Pre-secondary - 6 Birch The children asked Mr Martin and Mrs Goddard questions about their weddings to help them compare Christian and secular weddings.

What our teachers and pupils say about RE

'I love RE because we learn about different religions which helps me make my own opinions and give me new ideas,' Hadjer

'I enjoy teaching RE because it gives opportunities to focus on moral messages which influence the way we all behave at school. Our values, whatever our religious background, help inform our choices and bring us together,' Mrs Paillard, 3 Lime Class Teacher

'My RE learning makes me want to follow in God's steps because I learn from His wisdom,' Hilder

'I like learning about God's creation and that he made me, it makes me know that I am precious,' Nathan

'I like RE because I learn lots of new things. At the moment, I have learnt about different symbols and different ways the Christian message has spread over 2,000 years. I find it very interesting how attitudes have changed overtime and have changed history,' Youssef

'I like the way RE encourages children's curiosity as they are exposed to different perspectives and explore big questions they might not have thought about before. Their excitement is visible in RE lessons,' Teaching Assistant supporting children with SEND

'I like the variety of creative ways we engage the children when exploring the 'big questions',' Y2 Class Teacher.