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Spiritual Life

Rooted together in love, growing without limits...

Believing in the worth of every individual, we are a nurturing, Christian sanctuary of learning, where all can flourish. We aspire for everyone to achieve heights of success, to deepen courage and to experience breadth of creativity, knowing the joy of God’s love.

John Keble School is a Church of England Primary School and we are part of the London Diocese for Schools (LDBS). Our school vision is central to everything we do and it guides all of our decision making.

We are a unique school with a strong Christian ethos, a clear vision and core Christian values. We aim to replicate God's love and help his kingdom break out through every choice we make, big and small. We are  committed to ensuring that each student is known as an individual, truly knows their worth, develops the knowledge, skills and personal qualities to lead a successful and  fulfilling life, and is empowered to do so. Our comprehensive restorative approach ensures that relationships across the community are strong as we deliberately build and maintain them. Any breakdown in a relationship is repaired, allowing the individuals to take their place back in our community.

As a community we want to be the very best school for our students, one which ensures that each student experiences a challenging learning journey.

We work together to create a reflective, creative and vibrant atmosphere in which all our students may thrive.

The school was founded over 100 years ago by the Sisters of the Church with the aim of providing local children with a good education based on Christian principles. We seek to perpetuate the Sisters’ vision by applying these founding principles daily and by ensuring that the children know they are loved, unique and special.

The impact of our school vision was recognised during our SIAMs inspection in July 2023. The report is attached below.