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School Leaders 

Title Name


Mrs C Allard

 Deputy Headteacher/Inclusion Manager

Ms L Hawker

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs N Slingsby

Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo Ms N Rau
Assistant Headteacher Mrs N Barnard
Assistant Headteacher Ms S Auty


Class Teachers 

Class Teacher
Year 6/ Pre-secondary Willow

Mr A Hau

Year 6/ Pre-secondary Birch

Ms S Auty

Year 6/ Pre-secondary Rose

Ms N Rau

Year 5 Pine Ms N Adams
Year 5 Elm Ms O Davis
Year 4 Sycamore Mrs E Beeching
Year 4 Holly Ms L Templeton
Year 3 Poplar Mr D Clancy
Year 3 Lime Mr T Mittner
Year 2 Yew Mrs G Rose
Year 2 Ash

Ms M Woodbridge

Year 1 Maple Ms E Loch
Year 1 Oak Ms G Shaw
Reception Rowan Ms Z Meighan
Reception Box Mrs R Bailey
Nursery Beech

Ms A Wright

Music Teacher Mrs J Goddard
Physical Education Teacher Mr A Collier
Spanish and Year 6 Teacher Ms H Rogers
Learning Mentor Mr E Prempeh
Steel Pans Teacher Mr R Clark 
Senior Learning Mentor Ms E Morris

Learning Support Assistants 

Class Teaching Assistant SEN Support
Year 6 Mr M Wilson  
Year 5 

Mr A Stevenson

Year 4 

Ms J Hogan

Year 3

Mrs M Gray

Yr 2 Ash Ms K Stoute  
Yr 2 Yew Ms C Cribbon (Teaching Student)  
Yr 1 Maple

Ms S Bangia, Ms M Doneva

Yr 1 Oak Ms B Ferreira  
Reception Rowan

Ms L Clark (Teaching Student)

Reception Box

Ms A Shambamuto

Nursery Beech  Mrs S Lucas, Mrs N Tarafder


KS2 SEN Support Ms K Franklin KS2
KS2 SEN Support Ms K Abdelrahim KS2
Physical Education Mr P O'Connell  


Role Name
School Business Manager Ms Jo Sattaur
HR Administrative Assistant  Miss H Khanom
Parent Liaison Officer Ms D Buchanan
Administrative Assistant Ms M Gomes
Site Manager Mr K Gillanders
ICT Network Manager Mr S Suhan


Curriculum Faculties

 Curriculum Lead at John Keble School is Ms A Harvey

Subject Area Leader Team


Mrs N Barnard

Ms Z Meighan
Mrs S Lucas


Mrs G Rose

Mr A Stevenson

Mrs R Bailey



Mrs E Beeching

Ms L Clark


Mrs N Slingsby

Ms K Stoute

Ms H Rogers

Mr A Hau


Mrs N Barnard

Mrs C Allard

Mrs N Tarafder


Ms S Auty

Ms C Cribbon
Ms J Hogan


Ms M Woodbridge

Ms O Davis

Ms G Shaw



Ms E Loch

Mr S Suhan
Mrs M Gray


Ms L Hawker

Ms N Rau

Ms E Morris
Mrs D Buchanan

Ms N Adams


Mr A Collier

Mr E Prempeh

Mr P O'Connell


Mr D Clancy 


Travel Plan and Healthy Schools

Ms A Wright



Ms H Rogers



Mrs J Goddard

Mr R Clarke
Ms L Templeton