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School Leaders 

Title Name


Mrs C. Allard

 Deputy Headteacher/Inclusion Manager

Ms L. Hawker

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs N. Slingsby

Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo Ms Z. El-Habti
Assistant Headteacher Mrs N. Barnard
Assistant Headteacher

Ms S. Auty

Assistant Headteacher Mr D. Martin


Class Teachers 

Class Teacher
Year 6/ Pre-secondary Willow

Mrs S. O'Donnell

Year 6/ Pre-secondary Birch

Mrs E. Beeching

Year 5 Pine Mr T. Anstey
Year 5 Elm Mr C. Cyrus
Year 4 Sycamore Mrs G. Rose
Year 4 Holly Ms J. Agyeman
Year 3 Poplar Ms L. Hardwick
Year 3 Lime Ms S. Paillard
Year 2 Yew Ms K. Rahim 
Year 2 Ash

Mrs N. Adams

Year 1 Maple Miss B. Poland
Year 1 Oak Ms O. Davis
Reception Rowan Miss S. Bennett 
Reception Box Ms L. Clark
Nursery Beech

Ms A. Wright

Music Teacher Mrs J. Goddard
Physical Education Teacher  
Spanish and Year 6 Teacher Ms H. Rogers
Steel Pans Teacher Mr R. Clarke

Teaching Assistants 

Class Teaching Assistant SEND Support
Year 6 Ms K. Stoute Ms J. Azu
Year 5 

Mr R. Edmunds (Teaching Student)

Mrs M. Gray
Year 4 

Mr A. Stevenson

Mr S. Goodin
Year 3

Ms J. Hogan

Ms M. Brown

Ms A. Gunes

Year 2 Yew

Ms K. Franklin

Ms S. Bell 
Year 2 Ash Miss U. Khawaja  
Year 1 Maple

Ms T. Collinson (Teaching Student)

Mrs S. Lucas

Ms S. Quilty 

Year 1 Oak Ms J. Smart

Ms Z. Owoade

Reception Rowan Ms C. Valeria Da Silva Ms I. Ivancic
Reception Box Ms M. Doneva  
Nursery Beech 

Ms B. Ferreira

Ms E. Spasova

Ms J. Hyams

Physical Education Mr K. Watson  
Lunchtime Support Mrs M. Gray  

Support Staff

Role Name
Catering Manager Ms L. McKoy
Catering Assistant Ms P. Fogarty
Catering Assistant Ms G. Djan
Catering Assistant Mrs E. Gavin
Catering Assistant Ms V. Isidore
Cleaning Assistant  
Cleaning Assistant Mrs J. Silva De Melo
Cleaning Assistant Mrs C. Nogueira
Cleaning Assistant  
Cleaning Assistant Mr H. Lopes
Cleaning Assistant Mrs A. Duff
Cleaning Assistant Mrs K. Stochmal
Cleaning Assistant  


Role Name
School Business Manager Ms J. Chan-Sing
HR Administrative Assistant  Miss H. Khanom
Parent Liaison Officer Ms D. Buchanan
Administrative Assistant Mrs A. Limoan
Site Manager Mr K. Gillanders
ICT Network Manager Mr S. Suhan

Subject Leadership 

Curriculum Leadership is organised into 5 faculties. Each faculty has a leader and within each faculty sits subject leaders and team members.

 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Led by Ms S. Auty

Subject Area Subject Leader Team


Ms O. Davis



Mr C. Cyrus



Ms H. Rogers



Mrs M. Gray

Ms M. Doneva

JLT Subject Leaders: 

JLT Digital Leaders: 

 Spiritual Life of the School

Led by Mrs C. Allard, Mrs N. Slingsby and Mrs N. Barnard

Subject Area Subject Leader Team

Religious Education

Mrs N. Barnard and Mrs N. Slingsby



Mrs J. Goddard




Ms K. Franklin

Ms S. Bennett

Mrs B. Ferreira

JLT Worship Leaders: 

Communication, language and literacy

Led by Mr D. Martin

Subject Area Subject Leader Team


Ms B. Poland



Mrs G. Rose




Mr A. Stevenson

Ms J. Hogan

Mrs E. Spasova

JLT Subject Leaders: 

Understanding the world

Led by Ms L. Hawker

Subject Area Subject Leader Team


Mrs E. Beeching


Modern Foreign Languages 

Ms H. Rogers


Music Mrs J. Goddard  
Art Ms C. Hardwick  

Ms U. Khawaja

Mrs S. Lucas

JLT Subject Leaders:


 Personal, Social, Emotional and Physical Development 

Led by Ms Z. El-Habti

Subject Area Subject Leader Team


Ms H. Rogers


Physical Education

Ms O. Love

Mr K. Watson



Ms L. Clark

Mrs N. Adams

Ms K. Franklin

Ms K. Stoute

Ms K. Rahim

JLT Health Leaders: 

JLT Subject Leaders: