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Support for Families

The school believes in working in partnership with families, as together, we can work for the benefit of all.


The school runs workshops for parents and carers on Monday mornings at 8.45am. These are run by school professionals and visitors. Topics include keeping a budget, how to help your child at school, restorative parenting and many more.

Family Group

On Friday mornings, the school runs a group called Family Group. This is a group of parents who meet to support each other. It is facilitated by our senior learning mentor, Mrs Morris and our parent liaison officer, Ms Dee. Please speak to either of these staff members if you would like to join the group.

Food Bank

The school is well aware of the struggles facing many in our community. Changes to the benefits system, ill health and the rising cost of food have made it very difficult for many to eat well. Therefore, the school runs its own food bank. This is called Ms Dee's cupboard and is always stocked with food. The school has access to fresh food each week too. Please speak to Ms Dee or Mrs Morris (or any other staff member) if you would like some extra provisions.