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Therapeutic provision

Our therapy team are committed to the emotional well-being and mental health of our school community. Inspired by the school’s commitment to developing healthy relationships within a restorative environment, our therapists provide a safe space for pupils to be seen and heard within the school day.


Emily Brearley (Dance movement psychotherapist and member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy);

Mimi Cooper (Dance movement psychotherapist – ADMP UK);

Becky Lunt (Trainee play therapist - APAC).

There are three aspects to the bespoke therapeutic provision at John Keble: the drop-in (lunchtime 15 minute timeslots), creative therapy and staff supervision (voluntary, one-off conversations).

Drop-In is a popular service for all pupils to access where pupils share their thoughts and feelings; typically concerning difficulties in class, friendships and other worries. While this is not therapy, our therapists are able to offer their skill set to care for pupil’s emotional needs and empower pupils to self-express and problem solve.

Creative therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of creative arts, play and movement to assist the integration of emotional, social, cognitive and physical aspects of self. Attending to both verbal and nonverbal communication, our therapist’s creative therapy sessions aim to: support the exploration of emotions and ideas; promote self-regulation; develop self-awareness; facilitate the safe expression of feelings; build confidence; and nurture a healthy self-image and sense of worth.

Staff supervision is a space for staff to process the emotional wellbeing of children in the class as well as ensure their own self-care. This attention to staff offers a resource to those working directly with the John Keble pupils.

For more information please contact the school office for more information regarding this provision.