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Year 5

Updated 20.5 - Maths - Rapid Reasoning, weeks 1-6, problem solving activities. 

                            Maths and writing  - Week 10 resources

                            Week 5 Home learning pack and guidance 

Updated 16.05 - Weekly resources, from Hamilton Trust, available on the Writing and Maths pages.

Updated 15.05 - Four new home learning packs and resources 

At home during the week, you will have a new daily routine – you might like to make and decorate a timetable for yourself to divide up your day.

As well as making time for your learning set by your teachers, you could also include things on your timetable like -

  • Fitness
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Drawing, painting, making a model
  • Writing a diary / poem / short story / comic each day
  • Baking, cooking or preparing a healthy snack (make your own recipe book & record each dish you make)
  • Play / make your own a board game / try a puzzle
  • Try crosswords & word-searches

Did you know you can do virtual tours of lots of museums? For example, NASA Space Centre; National Art Galleries; Toyota Automobile Museum; The Spy Museum

Here are some resources that children can complete, as well as their Google Classroom activities, whilst at home. Answers for some of the activities can be provided by emailing:  

There will also be topic specific activities in the subjects page.

Live daily do-at-home PE lessons with Joe Wicks

Over 700 activities from the Scouts

Key subscriptions and sites on main Home-Learning page, also link from there to 'Learning websites' with lots to explore.