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Year 6


Research the Brothers Grimm. Which stories did they write? Why are the famous? What is their legacy?

Present the information you find out so it can be shared with others.

National Curriculum links

Reading – understanding what they read, fact and opinion, summarising main ideas, retrieve/record/present information from non-fiction texts, contrasting stories from different cultures


Could use computing skills/art skills etc to present information creatively or practise neat, joined handwriting!

Ideas and questions for your child

What does that mean? Can you explain in your own words? Can you summarise it?

What might people need to know about the brothers Grimm?

Which other stories have you read which have similar characters or themes?

How should we present this information? Bullet points, subheadings etc.

Do your sentences make sense? Are they interesting? Are they punctuated well? Can you add more detail? Can you link your ideas together? Can you improve any of your word choices?